Jenny Parks Illustrations understands the importance of Caturday!  I’ve only included my favorite prints.  You can check the rest out here.


The Avenger-cats and more! 

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I want to talk to somebody in charge. You are not fooling anybody when you say it was a natural disaster. It wasn’t an earthquake. It wasn’t a typhoon. Because what’s really happening is that you are hiding something out there. And it’s going to send us back to the Stone Age!

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I had wings once. They were strong. They were stolen from me.

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You have an important destiny to fulfil, Savage Opress. You and your brother… 

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Le génie du mal [The genius of evil, aka; Lucifer]; Guillaume Geefs 

“The statue was originally a commission for Geefs’ younger brother Joseph, who completed it in 1842 and installed it the following year. It generated controversy at once and was criticized for not representing a Christian ideal.The cathedral administration declared that “this devil is too sublime.” The local press intimated that the work was distracting the “pretty penitent girls” who should have been listening to the sermons.” [x]

[The original ‘sublime’ version shown below, and the ‘revised’ one in the photoset above]


> Make sculpture of the devil

> No this sculpture is too hot for church

> Make another one

> It’s even hotter

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H.R. from Bad Brains getting high with Brooke Shields, 1983.

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